Meet the Ambassadors

Stephanie Gardner

Major: Biomolecular Engineering

Minor: Bioinformatics

Hometown: San Mateo

The Best thing about UCSC: The trees

Dream Job: VP of Clinical Operations

Favorite Movie:  The Princess Bride

Favorite Performer/Band:  Kanye West

Favorite place to go in Santa Cruz:  Seabright Beach

Best Place to eat on campus:  BSOE Perk

Why Baskin Engineering?  It has both the academic and social atmosphere I was looking for in a school

Tony Li

Program: Computer Engineering-Master's

Hometown: China

The Best thing about UCSC: The UCSC's teaching resource and the view

Dream Job: Become an embedded system engineer

Favorite Movie: The Rock

Favorite Performer/Band: The Rolling Stones

Best Place to eat on campus: The Owl's Nest

Why Baskin Engineering? Because I got a lot of support and resources for my major at Baskin Engineering, and I want to share with others as soon as possible.

Aitanna Parker

Major: Technology and Information Management 

Hometown: Sacramento

Student Organizations: NSBE, ASU, BSU

The Best thing about UCSC:  The engineering department; whether going into industry or research, this department will prepare you for your future.

Dream Job: I would like to design user interfaces that would be accessible to people of differing abilities.

Favorite Movie: Beyoncé Live!

Favorite Performer/Band: India.Arie

Best Place to eat on campus: Oakes Café

Why Baskin Engineering?  I chose Baskin Engineering because I knew it was going to prepare me. It is one of the top engineering departments in the country.

Shruti Jain

Major: Computer Science

Hometown: Fremont, Ca. 

The Best thing about UCSC: The culture and atmosphere of the University is so welcoming be it social or academic. 

Dream Job: Still in the works of learning the different specializations in Computer Science, what I do know about my Dream Job is that it is one in which I will be able to directly make a positive impact on people.

Favorite Movie: A Disney fanatic, my all time favorite movie is Mulan.

Favorite Performer/Band: John Legend

Best Place to eat on campus: Vivas

Why Baskin Engineering? Baskin Engineering is growing rapidly year by year in size, opportunities, value, and reputation. With major developments and greater emphasis on the majors within the BSOE, we students are able to not only witness but also take advantage of the great opportunities coming our way. Recruiting from major Tech companies and Research within the fields are increasing exponentially, providing our students with an environment to thrive and get the most out of their educational experience.