Meet the Ambassadors

Tiana Periera

Major: Biomolecular Engineering & Bioinformatics

Hometown: San Mateo

The Best thing about UCSC:  The location! It is an amazing experience to earn your higher education and to be a part of ground-breaking research all while situated in the middle of a forest. We are also fortunate to be super close to the beach, in case you decide you need a break from campus!

Dream Job:  Not sure yet! Pretty much anything that combines my passions for biology, math, and computer science.

Favorite Movie:   Jurassic Park

Favorite Performer/Band:   Steve Lacy

Favorite place to go in Santa Cruz:  Seabright Beach

Best Place to eat on campus:  Vivas

Why Baskin Engineering?   To be a part of and learn more about the outstanding research efforts! In particular, the UCSC Genomics Institute, Stem cell research, Paleogenomics, and Nanopore sequencing. I also love the culture - both students and faculty are all passionate about their work and are devoted to making long-lasting, innovative impacts for a brighter future.

Ricardo Gonzalez

Major: Computer Science BS

Hometown: San Pablo, CA

I am a member of: MEP

The Best thing about UCSC:  I feel very supported at UCSC. From resources provided by the university and the school of engineering to the culture that is fostered on this campus. I always feel like there are people who are willing to help me succeed and can lend a helping hand when I need it most.

Best Place to eat on campus: My favorite place to eat on campus is the Cowell/Stevenson dining hall. The staff is friendly, and I absolutely love the view from the patio. It is my favorite thing to see as I eat any meal throughout the day.

Why Baskin Engineering? I chose BSOE because I have always seen myself as someone who loves problem solving. The curriculums of BSOE courses promote critical thinking and Computer Science allows me to apply myself. 

Gico Carlo Evangelista

Major: Computer Science

Hometown: Fairfield, CA. 

The Best thing about UCSC:  The student culture! Everyone here is very friendly, and are always willing to help each other out.

Dream Job: My dream job is to be a software engineer! As a kid, I've always like building things, and combined with my passion for computers has led me to want to develop software that people will find helpful.

Favorite Movie: John Wick

Favorite Performer/Band: 88rising

Favorite place to go to in Santa Cruz:  Natural Bridges State Beach

Best Place to eat on campus: Vivas

Why Baskin Engineering?  I chose Baskin Engineering because of the support, resources, and research opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students alike.

Evan Mercado

Major: Electrical Engineering

Student Organization: Shutterslug Photography

Hometown: Santa Clarita

Best thing about UCSC: The community of students here is easily the best part about this campus. They offer a wide variety of unique and insightful viewpoints, and they have helped me grow in ways that I could have never previously imagined.

Dream Job: Any job where I can find both fulfillment and purpose.

Favorite movie: 2001: A Space Odyssey

Favorite Band: The Beatles

Best place to eat on campus: Crown/Merrill Dining Hall

Why did you choose Baskin Engineering? I have always found math and physics to be particularly profound and engaging, so going down the path of engineering has always seemed like a very logical path for me. And given the Baskin School of Engineering's great staff and welcoming student body, nothing in the world felt more right for me.