Meet the Ambassadors

Rishita Wairagade
Rishita Wairagade

Major: Computer Science BS

Minor: Technology Information Management

Hometown: San Ramon, CA

The Best thing about UCSC:  The best thing about UCSC is definitely the student body! When I lived on campus there was no doubt that I would converse with someone new every day while walking or riding the loop bus. Every student with their own unique life story. And of course, UCSC’s location where students get the best of both worlds: the beach and the redwoods!

Dream Job:  My dream job is to work where I can lead using my analytical and critical thinking skills from being a Computer Science student.

Favorite Movie:   The Titanic

Favorite place to go in Santa Cruz:  Firefly Coffee House

Best Place to eat on campus:  Don't know yet!

Why Baskin Engineering?   I chose Baskin School of Engineering because it caught my attention that there were so many research opportunities for undergraduates in the scope of Engineering. I always wondered how I could apply my Computer Science knowledge to research and UCSC was the right platform for me. I knew I made the right choice choosing BSOE as I was able to land myself a position in a lab as a first year at UCSC.

Ricardo Gonzalez
Ricardo Gonzalez

Major: Computer Science BS

Minor: Bioinformatics

Hometown: San Pablo, CA

I am a member of: MEP, Shutterslug Photography

The Best thing about UCSC:  I feel very supported at UCSC. From resources provided by the university and the school of engineering to the culture that is fostered on this campus. I always feel like there are people who are willing to help me succeed and can lend a helping hand when I need it most.

Best Place to eat on campus: My favorite place to eat on campus is the Cowell/Stevenson dining hall. The staff is friendly, and I absolutely love the view from the patio. It is my favorite thing to see as I eat any meal throughout the day.

Why Baskin Engineering? I chose BSOE because I have always seen myself as someone who loves problem solving. The curriculums of BSOE courses promote critical thinking and Computer Science allows me to apply myself. 

Sabrina Yone
Sabrina Yone

Major: Computer Science BS

Minor: Language Studies

Hometown: Yangon, Myanmar

I am a member of: SASE

The Best thing about UCSC:   I would say the best things about UCSC are the tall trees and the cold fresh air in the early mornings. I've never seen a campus so intertwined with nature, I think it's great for when things start to get a little stressful. I would also say that the types of people you get to meet on campus and around it are the coolest bunch !

Dream Job: I'm not sure yet but it would definitely involve helping people and traveling whenever I can.

Favorite Movie: Ready or Not

Favorite Performer/Band: Harry Styles, Hozier, Sufjan Stevens, Taylor Swift

Favorite place to go to in Santa Cruz: Natural Bridges

Best Place to eat on campus: Bowls by Cafe Brazil

Why Baskin Engineering?  I chose Baskin Engineering because as someone who comes from a developing country, technology has always fascinated me. The courses that are offered are incredibly interesting and taking the Computer Science course load has helped me expand my skill set and meet really cool people !

Ira Shirdhankar
Ira Shirdhankar

Major: Biomolecular Engineering Bioinformatics Concentration

Hometown: Monterey, CA

The Best thing about UCSC:  The beautiful campus and the community of students who always support one another!

Dream Job:  Not exactly sure yet but a dream job for me would be where I get to combine my interests in programming and biology and to work in the field of bioinformatics! I also enjoy collaboration and being able to showcase my creativity so the above combined would be a dream job for me!

Favorite Movie:   Spider-Man!

Favorite Performer/Band:   Taylor Swift

Favorite place to go in Santa Cruz:  The beach and downtown!

Best Places to eat on campus:  Cafe Ivetta, Global Villiage Cafe, and the Perk Coffee Bars!

Why Baskin Engineering?   Baskin has provided me with various opportunities that have allowed me to explore my career path and grow as a student which has given me clarity in what I want to do in the future! Through my classes, I've met great people with similar interests and have appreciated the support from the Baskin community from both my peers and the staff!

Brian Govers
Brian Govers

Major: Electrical Engineering

Hometown: Oakland, CA

Best thing about UCSC: The campus! Some of my favorite memories are looking at the trees as I walk back from class (especially the cherry blossoms by McHenry), watching the sunset at the squiggle, and going for nighttime hikes around upper campus.

Dream Job: While I think I'd enjoy any job in either controls or embedded systems, I think it'd be amazing to work with prosthetics at some point!

Favorite movie: Bakemono no Ko (The Boy and the Beast)

Favorite Performer/Band: Either Smino, Outkast, or Charli XCX

Favorite place to go to in Santa Cruz: West Cliff

Best place to eat on campus: College Eight Cafe

Why did you choose Baskin Engineering? I wanted a challenge! I had always heard that EE was one of the hardest undergrad majors, and I wanted to prove to myself that I was able to do it. I ended up really enjoying the classes that BSOE offers, and just kind of fell in love with EE.